I have only praise for the nutritional consulting services provided by Suzy’s “Thyme To Heal”.  Suzy goes beyond “consulting” and brings calming and educational sense into an otherwise overwhelming sea of conditions that we all, at some point, experience.

What happened to our family in an unexpected change in the health condition to a family member was life changing.  All that a doctor could offer was yet another… referral.

The endocrinologist was completely incapable of offering any compassion for a new diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and made broad assumptions as to our knowledge of the condition. A referral to an outside nutritionist simply added the burden on us to travel back and forth for more random, impersonal appointments mixed in with a full work life.

We needed immediate, personal, dedicated, and in-home consulting not just for the afflicted family member, but for us all.  We needed a “team”; that which is clearly an impossible request in today’s modern medical arena.

Suzy was on the spot in getting us all involved in the process of learning how to emotionally and physically deal with diabetes. 

The first step was a fully detailed health history and baseline report. I realized at that time that this was something very critical to the “whole” and something  that so few of us have available to us. Given the plethora of distributed medical records that we had, not even a doctor has time (or interest) to pull this all together.  This larger, and hugely beneficial, holistic approach allowed for clear focus, contextual understanding, essential transparency, and targeted services.

Suzy then went as far as to sit in at medical appointments as an independent advisor to help in communication and exchange. To augment consultations, we were provided with sample recipes, a range of easy to understand educational materials, charts, cooking lessons, and even a mobile application for “Thyme To Heal”. This provided a portal to track daily progress through nutrition accounting and a means to engage in timely Q&A dialog and feedback with Suzy. 

If you are questioning now if this is a service worth your investment, stop right now. Instead of suffering through a far flung future of stumbling, stressful, costly, and reactive events, we acquired positive support and timely results.

The client (and family) achieved balance, mental well-being, and improved health within an unusually short and measurable period of time as a direct result of Suzy’s counseling. 

We are more than thankful and satisfied given “Thyme To Heal”.


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