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Suzy Brown

Certified Reflexologist & Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Hello! I’m Suzy

Certified Reflexologist & Holistic Nutrition Consultant

As a holistic therapist, I use the Foot & Hand Reflexology Tennent Technique™, Functional Nutrition, and Nutrigenomics with Customized Supplementation Support in her practice to help the body unlock its natural ability to heal.

I became a personal chef & holistic therapist because I believe that the food you eat has the ability to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal. I want to teach you that making the right food choices can change all aspects of your life. 

There is no one-size fits all approach to health, and together we will find realistic solutions that work for you. My goal is always to empower you to take care of yourself.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to wellness?


How I can help you

Living a healthy life starts with eating a balanced diet of whole, unprocessed food. But it doesn’t end there. Our attitudes, relationships and environment all play a part in how we feel. Taking a holistic approach to health means I will look beyond simply counting calories on your plate, and will help to make connections in your life to find opportunities for improvement.  As part of my wellness plans, I incorporate movement, breath and other stress reduction techniques to help you body and mind heal.

My Experience

  • Holistic therapist
  • Personal chef

Education & Certifications

  • Bauman Collage
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals
  • American Personal Chef Association Partner
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certification
  • Essential Oil Coach Certification
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